Abattoirs (also known as slaughterhouses) in the UK have tended to be somewhat secretive about their activities, mainly due to fear of animal rights campaigners. Also, the general public are generally squeamish about meat production.

The number of animals killed for food in UK abattoirs per year is approximately:
* 800,000,000 broiler chickens
* 35,000,000 turkeys
* 19,000,000 sheep
* 18,000,000 ducks
* 17,000,000 pigs
* 2,500,000 cattle
* 1,000,000 geese
* 10,000 deer
* 10,000 goats

In the late 1990s, many small and medium-sized abattoirs closed down, due to increased regulations and high inspection charges. This meant many animals had a longer journey to be slaughtered. The effect of this was to increase the risks of diseases such as foot and mouth from spreading around the country , and also to make the sight of lorries transporing animals to slaughter a common occurrence on British roads.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAFF), there were 13,000 slaughterhouses in Great Britain in 1938. These had fallen to 1,000 by 1986 and to 416 by 1999.

95% of all pigs killed in the UK are killed at specialist slaughterhouses.

In the mid-1990s, the live export of animals for slaughter was a contentious political topic. Because many European countries demanded freshly-killed meat, animals were routinely shipped by ferry to the continent on long journeys. An incident at the port of Shoreham near Brighton, captured the public imagination, and large-scale protests against live exports ensued. It was during one of these protests at Coventry Airport that campaigner Jill Phipps was run over by a lorry and killed.

The BBC aired a documentary in 2005 called Slaughterhouse: The Task of Blood that showed graphic footage from the Harvey Ashworth abattoir in Royton, Oldham. It also featured interview with the workers, giving an insight into their job. In 1994, Keith Mann was sentenced to 14 years in prison for, amongst other things, causing damage to three lorries at this abattoir. In the early 1990s there was a long string of attacks on meat lorries at slaughterhouses and meat processing plants.

Abattoirs listed by county
* Alec Jarrett Ltd. High St, Oldland Common, Bristol. Kills cattle, sheep. High profile case 2 years ago for paying below minimum wage to EU workers
* Dalehead Foods, Oakleigh Green, Westerleigh, Bristol. Kills pigs.
* University of Bristol, Division of Food Animal Science, Churchill Building, Langford. Kills cattle, sheep, pigs, goats.
* W J Pearce & Sons, High St, Chew Magna, Bristol. Kills cattle, sheep.

* Dawn Cardington, Meadow Lane, Cardington. Kills cattle, sheep.
* Evans & Son, Walnut Tree Farm, Upper Shelton Rd, Marston Moreteyne. Kills cattle, goats, sheep,

* Agricultural & Food Research Centre, Institute for Animal Health, Compton, Newbury. Kills cattle, goats, sheep, pigs.

* R G Meats (Wholesale), Forest Farm Abattoir, Forest Rd, Hanslope. Kills cattle, sheep, pigs, goats.


* C.S Morphets & Sons Ltd (‘Phythians’). Tan House Farm, Alder Lane, Cronton, Widnes
* E & T JACKSON & SONS. Knutsford
* G Cooper & Son. 3, Foxes Hollow, Crewe
* R Newton. Crewe Rd, Haslington, Crewe
* Tulip Ltd. Bow St, Dukinfield
* G & G.B Hewitt Ltd. Huxley, Chester 01829 781 281
* J F Longman, Stoke-on-Trent

* Brewers of Callington. Treharlech, Golberdon, Callington.
* C D V George, Nanteague Farm, Marazanvose, Truro. Kills deer, cattle, goats, sheep.
* D.V Lobb. Burwyn, Ruthern Bridge, Bodmin.
* F.D Statton & Son Ltd. Slaughterhouse, Trewassa Moor, Davidstow, Camelford.
* H.R Jasper & Son Ltd. Botathan Abattoir, South Petherwin, Launceston. Kills sheep and goats.
* J.V Richards, Rietfontein Farm, Perranwell Station, Truro. Kills cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, deer, wild boar.
* Jaspers, Treburley, Launceston. Kills cattle.
* K & D McFadden, Gews Farm, St Just, Penzance. Kills cattle, goats, sheep, pigs. Currently closed
* Madron Meat Co, The Abattoir, Madron, Penzance. Kills cattle, sheep, pigs, goats. Currently closed
* R J Trevarthen Roskrow Abattoir, Roskrow Barton, Penryn. Kills cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, buffalo, wild boar.
* St Merryn Meat, Unit 9, Cooksland Industrial Estate, Bodmin. Kills cattle. A slaughterhouse owned by the same company, North Devon Meat in Torrington, was totally destroyed in an Animal Liberation Front arson attack in 2001 [http://www.meatnews.com/index.cfm?fuseactionarticle&artNum1121]. This is incorrect it was subsequently found to have been caused by a faulty knife sterilizer.
* T.H Lobb. Penvercoe Farm, Ruthern Bridge, Bodmin. Kills cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, deer, wild boar.
* The Cornish Farmhouse Bacon Co., West Balsdon Farm, Whitstone, Holsworthy. Kills pigs, wild boar.
* Vivian Olds, Bosweddor Rd, St Just, Penzance. Kills cattle, sheep, pigs, goats.

County Durham
* H.B Abattoir Services Ltd. 19, Victoria Rd, Darlington
* Thompson Wholesale Meat Ltd, Marshall Green Abattoir, Witton-le-Wear, Bishop Auckland

* Duerden Wholesale Meats Ltd. Lindal Moor Abattoir, Lindal, Ulverston
* M.J Wharton. Black Brow Farm, Aikton, Wigton

* D.L Turner & Son Ltd. Underedge Farm, Rowland, Bakewell
* M Najib & Sons. Church Broughton Rd,Miry Lane, Foston, Derby
* Meat & Livestock Commission. Stud Farm, Chesterfield Rd, Calow, Chesterfield
* Pickstock Ashby Ltd. Coal Lane, Hartshorne, Swadlincote

* A L Martin & Son, Saxton, Lapford, Crediton. Kills cattle, goats, sheep, pigs.
* F.D Statton & Son. Stone Farm, Hatherleigh, Okehampton
* J & J Farmers Abattoir. Haydon, North Tamerton, Holsworthy
* K W Durrant, Wallingford Rd, Kingsbridge. Kills sheep and cattle.
* Lang Tom Ltd. Gages Farm, Buckfastleigh Rd, Ashburton, Newton Abbot
* Lloyd Maunder, Willand, Cullompton. Kills wild boar, goats, sheep, pigs, deer.
* M G & R J Smale, Hatherleigh, Okehampton. Kills cattle, goats, sheep, pigs.
* Peake (GB) Ltd. Yolland Brook, Bittaford, Ivybridge
* P Hayman. Grand View, Raxhayes Farm, Holcombe Lane, Ottery St. Mary
* West Devon Meat Ltd. The Abbatoir, Hatherleigh, Okehampton

* C & S Meats. White House Lane, Holnest. Kills wild boar, bison, cattle, goats, sheep, pigs, deer.
* R.W.M Dorset, Chetnole Rd, Yetminster. Kills cattle, sheep, goats.
* S.J Norman & Sons. Home Farm, Forsters Lane, Bridport. Kills cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, wild boar.
* Stourton Leaze Abattoir, Stourton Leaze Farm, Whitehouse Lane, Holnest. Kills cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, wild boar.
* Sturminster Newton Abattoirs, Manston Rd, Sturminster Newton. Kills cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, bison, deer.

East Sussex
* Tottingworth Farms, Broad Oak Abattoir, Little Tottingworth Farm, Broad Oak, Heathfield. Kills cattle, sheep, pigs, water buffalo.

* A & G Barber Ltd, Corporation Farm, Purleigh, Chelmsford. Kills cattle, goats, sheep, pigs.
* C Humphreys & Sons, Blixes Farm, Ranks Green. Kills cattle, goats, sheep, pigs.
* C J Byford & Son, Bonds Farm, Lodge Rd, Little Clacton. Kills cattle, goats, sheep, pigs.
* Cheale Meats, Orchard Farm, Little Warley. This was the place where the 2001 UK foot and mouth crisis was first confirmed. Kills pigs.
* Elmkirk Ltd, Orchard Farm, Little Warley. Kills wild boar, pigs, cattle.
* Fowler Bros, Brook Farm Abattoir, Marsh Rd, Burnham-On-Crouch. Kills cattle, goats, sheep, pigs.
* J G Sweetland, Great Dunmow. Kills cattle, sheep, pigs.
* W Martin & Son, Bakers Lane, Black Notley. Kills sheep, cattle.

* Ensors, Valley Rd, Cinderford. Kills cattle, goats, sheep, pigs, wild boar, buffalo, bison. The victim of an arson attack by the Animal Liberation Front in 1995
* PJ King & Son, Court Farm, Whaddon. Kills cattle, sheep, pigs, goats.
* J Broomhall, Alkerton Place, Eastington, Stonehouse. Kills cattle, sheep, pigs, goats.
* H Lyes & Sons, The Flatt, Minsterworth. Kills cattle, sheep, pigs, goats.

* Ministry of Defence, Aldershot. Kills pigs, sheep, cattle.
* P.C Turner, Sherborne Rd, Northcamp, Farnborough.
* R W Newman & Partners, Peabody Rd, Farnborough. Kills cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, buffalo, deer.
* Vine & Craven Hunt Kennels. Vyne Bungalow, Quidhampton, Overton, Basingstoke

* R.E Williams & Sons. Shambles, Whitehill, Weobley, Hereford.

* N C Reynolds, Bishop Stortford. Kills cattle, sheep.

* H.B (Abattoir Services) Ltd. Staithes Rd, Preston, Hull

* Anglo Dutch Meats (Charing), The Abattoir, Ashford Rd, Charing, Ashford. Kill cattle, sheep and pigs.
* Cooper & Son, Aldington, Ashford. Kills cattle, goats, sheep, pigs.
* Forge Farm Meats, Tunbridge Wells. Kills wild boar, cattle, goats, sheep, pigs. Investigated by on 26.05.2000 by Val Latham and her mother Pam who are animal welfare activists. Independence of investigation is questionable.
* Invicta Lamb, Lamberhurst. Closed 2001.
* J.R Farm Meats. Ratling Court Farm, Ratling, Aylesham, Canterbury.
* Ken Ballard, West End, Tonbridge. Kills cattle, sheep, pigs.
* S W Doughty, Doddington, Sittingbourne. Kills cattle, goats, sheep, pigs. Attached to the butchers shop.
* T Allman, Edenbridge. Kills cattle, sheep, goats, deer.

* Blacklidge Bros. Stephens Way, Warrington Industrial Estate, Goose Green, Wigan
* Harvey Ashworth, Edge Lane St, Oldham. The subject of a BBC2 television documentary in 2005. [http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/newsnight/review/4641449.stm#slaughterhouse]
* Heywoods Butchers. The Abbatoir, Clerk Hill Rd, Whalley, Clitheroe
* Kosher Poultry Ltd. 35, Collingham St, Manchester
* North West Meats Ltd. The Abbatoir, Dunkerley St, Oldham
* Oblong. 126, Charles Barry Crescent, Manchester
* Peter Boddy. East Hey Head Farm, Hey Head Lane, Todmorden
* Riley Bros. Burnley Rd, Dunnockshaw, Burnley
* Robinson Mitchell Ltd. Over Raygill, Dumb Toms Lane, Ingleton, Carnforth
* Rose County Foods, Castill Laithe Abattoir, Sawley, Clitheroe. Kills sheep and cattle. In 1999, a meat inspector was kidnapped by slaughtermen here and thrown into a vat of waste animal parts . Burnt down in 1996 due to an electrical fault .
* W Taylor & Son (P.S) Ltd. 336-340, Station Rd, Bamber Bridge, Preston
* Wholesale Meat Supply (Accrington) Ltd. Wood St, Great Harwood, Blackburn
* Woodhead Bros Meat Co. The Abattoir, Whitewalls Industrial Estate, Colne
* Kepak Group Ltd. Bamber Bridge, Preston

* L Brown & Son. Lincoln City Abattoir, Crofton Rd, Lincoln
* Lincolnshire Meat Co.Ltd. The Abattoir, Dysart Rd, Grantham

* Kedassia Poultry, Smeed Row.
* Muslim Halal Live Chicken & Poultry, Hessel Street.

* Bowes of Norfolk Ltd. Brandon Rd, Watton, Thetford
* H.G Blake (Costessey) Ltd. Bull Farm, Reepham Rd, Felthorpe, Norwich
* J & D Papworth Farms. Oak St, Fakenham
* R.S Baker & Sons Ltd. The Abattoir, Elsing, Dereham. £4million damage was done to the premises in 2001 by an arson attack by the Animal Liberation Front [http://www.newshound.org.uk/November%202001.htm].

North Humberside
* Graystone Ltd. Killum Hall, Hilston Rd, Roos, Hull
* Richard of Howden Ltd. The Abattoir, Bridge St, Goole

* F E Coales & Son, Main St, Twywell. Kills cattle, goats, sheep, pigs.

* Whitley Bay Meat Supply Co.Ltd. Quarry Cottages, Burradon, Cramlington

North Yorkshire
* Egton Abattoir, Egton, Whitby.
* A Graves & Son, Escrick, York.
* Machin Yorkshire Lamb Ltd. The Abattoir, Busby Stoop Rd, Thirsk.
( The above abattoir is thought to be involved with the live export trade. In August 2005 there was an arson attack on the premises which caused over £1million damage. See Article:
[http://www.yorkshiretoday.co.uk/ViewArticle2.aspx?SectionID55&ArticleID1033499] It was believed to be the work of animal rights activists, but no claims were made.
The abattoir has since been thoroughly refurbished and reopened for business on the 8th May 2006 )
* McIntyre Meats. East Borwins, Bainbridge, Leyburn

* Mutchmeats, Newclose Lane, Witney. Ten lorries were burnt out at this site in 2000 in an attack by the Animal Liberation Front, causing an estimated £80,000 damage . A former slaughterman here, Peter Weedon, murdered a 91-year-old man 2002 .

* A B P Shrewsbury Ltd. Abattoir, Battlefield Rd, Shrewsbury
* Anglo Beef Processors (Ellesmere) Ltd. Hordley, Ellesmere
* Bishops Castle Meat Ltd. Love Lane Industrial Estate, Bishops Castle
* Meat Projects Consultancy Services Ltd. Kimberley Farm, Gravels, Minsterley, Shrewsbury
* Malpas Country Meats Ltd. Maplas

* Arthur R Duckett Casualty Slaughter Contractor. Alstone Hall Farm, Alstone Rd, Highbridge
* Bridgwater Beef Co. The Cattle Market, Bath Rd, Bridgwater
* C Snell Wholesale. Breeches Farm, South Chard, Chard
* Frome Abattoir. Merchants Barton, Frome
* Lawrence J Potter. The New Abattoirs, Staple Grove, Taunton. Horse culls, http://www.stillmanshorseslaughter.tk
* Southern Counties Fresh Foods Ltd. The Tannery, Huish Episcopi, Langport
* Southern Cull Services Ltd. Tanyard Abbatoir, Tanyard Lane, Huish Episcopi, Langport
* Southwest By-Products. 20, St. John St, Bridgwater
* Stillmans (Somerset) Ltd. The Abattoirs, Staplegrove Mills, Staplegrove, Taunton. Lawrence J Potter, Horse culls, http://www.stillmanshorseslaughter.tk
* West Country Casualties. 24, Nicholas Close, Brushford, Dulverton

South Yorkshire
* E.V Slack & Sons, Carr Lane, Wadworth, Doncaster
* N Bramall & Sons Ltd. Near Coates Farm, Coates Lane, Oxspring, Sheffield
* Woolley Bros (Wholesale Meats) Ltd. Rother Valley Way, Holbrook, Sheffield

* J.F Longman (Meat Salesmen) Ltd. Etruria Rd, Hanley, Stoke-On-Trent

* B.S Clarke & Sons. The Limes, The Green, Hartest, Bury St. Edmunds
* J.H Lambert (Bungay) Ltd. The Abattoir, Hall Rd, Earsham, Bungay

* Chitty Group plc, Moorfield Rd, Slyfield Green, Guildford. Kills cattle, goats, sheep.

Tyne and Wear
* Coast & County Meat Supply Co. Ltd. Green Lane, Felling Industrial Estate, Felling, Gateshead Tel: 0191 4693999.
* Whitley Bay Meat Supply Co.Ltd. 1, Grosvenor Drive, Whitley Bay

West Midlands
* Birmingham Halal Abattoir Ltd. 162-194, Bishop St, Birmingham
* Janan Meat Ltd. The Abattoir, Ham Lane, Kingswinford
* Hasham Halal Poultry Co. 74, Charles Rd, Small Heath, Birmingham
* F A Gill Limited, Wolverhampton

West Sussex
* Singers Farm, Cowfold, Horsham. Kills cattle, sheep goats, up to 20 units per week. Opened 2002 .
* Southern Traditional Meats Ltd. Morley Farm, Wheatsheaf Rd, Woodmancote, Henfield

West Yorkshire
* Northern Slaughtering Services. Jagger Green Hall, Holywell Green, Halifax
* P.W Smith. Jagger Green Hall, Jagger Green, Holywell Green, Halifax
* Yorkshire Poultry Products Ltd. 182, Hammerton St, Bradford

* F Drury & Sons, Tockenham, Wootton Bassett. Kills water buffalo, cattle, sheep, goats.
* H.F Stiles & Son. Sloperton Farm, Westbrook, Bromham. Kills cattle, goats, sheep, pigs.
* W S Clarke & Sons, Salisbury. Kills water buffalo, cattle, sheep, goats.


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