Gli offer widely components keeping your plant daily smoothly operation. Any troubles / Confusing on how to ask for quotation procedures? Hereby we prepare a guideline for you easy request a quotation. 

try to check our website for different components category, Hooks , Transmission, Rubber & Plastics, Knives & Blades, etc. and found your intresting components, you will get the page something like the following picture.

Add to My Quote List

Sample page for add to my quote list

Click the Add to My Quote List button, you will be informed the product be added, you can select continue adding more products, or browse the quote list.

Product Added to Quote List

Product Added to Quote List

Click Browse the List, then you will be redirectly to Request a Quote page, You need update theyour requiring quantity of each products, and click the update list button. after done, you will have complete corrected list for request before send.

Update Product List

Update Product List for request quotation

The last step:
Fill in your name and mailbox, your special requirement for each products, and click the button Send your Request, these are very important, otherwise you may get wrong price, or our quotation can not reach you if your mailbox is wrong.

Send your Request

Send your Request to GLi web support team, we’ll return you ASAP