Animal blood is a major by-product of meat industry. It has redundant amount of protein,about 18% of the total amount of blood, so it often called “liquidness meat”. Besidcs using full blood in products like black sausage,black puddings etc, the major part of blood from the slaughter is delivered to plant where actually is destroyed by exessive heat treatment and supplied as a low value meal by mixing with other ingredicnts and used for feed animals. Changing the animal blood from waste to treasure will bring abattoir more margin, and also solve the problem of environmental contamination.

Blood Composition

The amount of porkcine blood in percentage of live weight is 3~3.5%, for cattle is 3.3~4%.

ItemPig bloodCattle blood
Other Solids11.5g6.6g

The blood mainly be using in food industry three areas: water binding, fat emulsifying, coloring. beside of these capacity, blood proteins are used protein- and iron enrichers as well.

Pig Blood

Pig Blood

  • Full Blood: iy mainly used in black sausages and black puddings, blood proteins are less of intresting in these products. Full bloods ometimes (1.5%) will be used as coloring agent for pale products.
  • Blood Plasma: it’s most of usable blood proteins for food products.
    water binding capacity: Liquid or frozen raw plasma has a water binding capacity of 1.7 times its own weight. To full utilize of water binding capacity,A heat treatment of the product to which blood plasma be added is required, Keep 40min, 68~70ºC,  30min, 72~78ºC or 20min, 80~85ºC will give a good result. The water binding capacity increases with increasing the temperatures and processing times. In canned products plasma is performing very well as plasma proteins positively affect the soaking up of brine in the sausages after the heat treatment.
    Fat emulsifying: Plasma is higher or at level with most of well know milk protein. Plasma replace meat with 1:1 ratio In most sausages and other force meat products, when water binding capacity is considered, if exchanging base on the protein ratio, 3Kg plasma can replacing 1Kg meat and 2Kg water in most of recipes. if polyphosphate used together with plasma, special care must be take undertaken to ensure the best possible result in final products. one should however consider the fact that all phosphates, added to food products,end up in recipients cause enviremental damaged.
  • Hemoglobin: Due of its color and taste, it used almost only as a substitute for full blood in black sausages. few liquid hemoglobin are using for color agent for pale products.
    The Water Binding and emulsifying: Both are higher than plasma on liter basis. but lower on protein basis.
    Temperature sensitive:it will turn to brown / Black when exposed or even in room temperature, however comercially stablizing agent are available now. Decolorisation can be carried our by different methods.

Nutritional Values

The nutritional values of full blood,plasma, hemoglobin is not particularly high. main due of low content of methionine and isoleucine. However in combination with other proteins the nutritional values increases dramatically. Therefore more nutrition values will showing in the products which using blood product.


Typical processing method or equipment need to be consideration is Collection,Seperation,Cooling, Concentration,Freezing, Drying etc.